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Lost and Found: My Journey Through Pregnancy, From Losing Friends to Losing My Mind and Body

"Motherhood: All love begins and ends there." - Robert Browning

During my pregnancy with my second child, I suffered from extreme morning sickness while still having to work and maintain my marriage. It was a challenging time for me, and I often found myself wondering how my mother and grandmother managed to raise large families.

My priorities shifted during this time, and I struggled to connect with my friends. They wanted me to be the same person as before, but I had very little energy to spare. It was also tough to hear from friends who didn't have kids that I had "abandoned" them.

With so much on my plate, I found it hard to make time for self-care, as I had many responsibilities to juggle. As my pregnancy progressed, my circle of support became smaller, and I had to adapt to this new reality.

After giving birth, I faced pregnancy brain fog, which made it frustrating to think clearly or efficiently. Lack of sleep only added to this difficulty, and sometimes I found myself with the brain of a goldfish. However, knowing I wasn't the only one going through this was a relief.

Another challenge I faced was realising that I didn't automatically bounce back to my pre-pregnancy shape after giving birth. Feeling my big belly after delivery was disheartening, and I was left feeling deflated with no energy to cry. I questioned if I would ever lose weight, but I'll share more about this experience in my next Truth blog entry.

TRUTH: Navigating the loss of friends and the physical and mental changes that came with bringing new life into the world is hard, but I'll do it again in a heartbeat.

I would love to take this discussion further. If anyone else has gone through similar struggles, please know you are not alone. I would love to hear about your experiences, so please feel free to share in the comments below.


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