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Meet Patricia Gwee: Inspiring Holistic Wellness Coach and Advocate for Empowering Women

"I believe that there is a subtle magnetism in Nature, which, if we unconsciously yield to it, will direct us aright." - Henry David Thoreau

Allow me to introduce you to Patricia Gwee, a truly inspiring individual who wears multiple hats with grace and determination. As a devoted mother of two beautiful children, Patricia's journey extends far beyond the realm of parenthood. Over the course of the past 15 years, I've had the privilege of knowing her, our connection stemming from our children attending the same primary school. Patricia's story is one of resilience, growth, and empowerment. She has dedicated herself to the holistic approach of healing – not only for herself and her family but also for her circle of friends and beyond.

What sets Patricia apart is her unyielding spirit. She's not just one who follows convention blindly; she's a role model who is unafraid to share her own trials, using her knowledge and experiences to uplift and inspire other women to find their voices and forge their paths. In an era where women are reclaiming their agency to nurture themselves, their families, and the planet, Patricia's journey stands as a shining example of how to make a meaningful impact through healthy and sustainable practices. It's an honor to cast a spotlight on Patricia Gwee, a force of positivity and change.

As an Integrated Wellness Coach, you've undoubtedly inspired many individuals to make positive health choices. Could you share a personal experience or moment that deeply inspired you to pursue this path and help others cultivate well-being in their lives?

When typical treatments kept falling short of solving my persistent health issues, I turned to natural healing. This journey began in 2000 when I was working a corporate job and grappling with a serious illness. The pain was intense, and things took a serious turn when I collapsed during a business trip to Malaysia. Despite undergoing two surgeries, my condition didn't improve; in fact, I found myself in even more pain and discomfort. So, I faced a tough choice and decided to leave behind my corporate career.

During a visit to friends in Sydney, Australia, I stumbled upon a whole world of natural healing methods. What struck me was the idea that everything I put into my body either contributes to its healing and balance or disrupts it, leading to disharmony and health issues. This realization marked the beginning of a more than 20-year journey where I delved into a variety of natural approaches for better health across mind, body, and spirit.

A vital lesson that came to light was the significance of emotions. It dawned on me that over 90% of physical problems found their roots in emotional, mental, or psychological factors. This realization prompted me to acknowledge and tackle the negative experiences and traumas I had accumulated during my upbringing, as true healing depended on it.

With every fresh nugget of knowledge I acquired, I found myself compelled to share it with others. While I wasn't playing the role of a healthcare provider, I naturally guided people toward valuable and relevant information. I always sought out alternative, more holistic approaches to support my body's well-being, never settling for mainstream or conventional treatments. I embraced the road less traveled, unafraid to explore unconventional methods. Furthermore, I remained acutely conscious of the impact that chemicals, whether on or around our bodies, had on our health and the environment.

My life took a positive turn when someone introduced me to Young Living Essential Oils. For over 12 years now, these oils have transformed my life and my children's. Our lives are vibrant and free from toxic chemicals, and our healing has been gentle with strong immune system support. It's incredibly fulfilling to make choices that benefit us and the environment we live in.

Becoming a part of Young Living (YL) exposed me to a new perspective on everyday products. Young Living goes above and beyond industry standards, ensuring their products come from sustainable farming, cultivation, and quality control, all while supporting local communities and the land. Not all essential oils are created equal, and that's a key lesson I've learned, as the results were very apparent.

The impact of one person sharing with me has led me to share with others, creating a ripple effect of positive change. I aspire to make a difference in countless lives, just like it happened to me. In my community, about 85,000 of us are united in spreading safe, sustainable health and wellness options. Together, we're making choices that benefit ourselves and the world around us.

How do you integrate essential oils into your wellness coaching sessions to enhance the overall experience and promote a more holistic approach to health?

Essential oils have become an integral part of my life, woven seamlessly into both my personal routine and my coaching sessions. In my coaching, I extend the lessons from my own health journey – showing who I am and how I embrace a healthy lifestyle. Yet, I swiftly realized that achieving true wellness requires a more comprehensive approach, one that delves into the core issues. It's all about identifying the underlying causes: Is it rooted in the physical or emotional realm? Could there be some hidden benefit to your illness? The approach you choose must resonate with you. But here's the thing: if you're fully dedicated, deep healing and vibrant life are absolutely within reach.

What I've learned is that a holistic approach to health begins with establishing a strong foundation. It's about getting to the root causes and addressing them head-on. And it's not just about physical aspects; emotions and mental states play a significant role too. You see, it's crucial to uncover whether there's a hidden emotional or psychological aspect to your health challenges. Sometimes, there's more to the story than meets the eye. This process of exploration and understanding allows you to choose a path that aligns with your unique needs.

Here's the magic: When you're genuinely committed to your healing journey, you can experience profound transformation and renewed vitality. As you achieve a state of wholeness and balance, your journey becomes a source of inspiration for others. Your example radiates the possibility of a happier, more abundant life brimming with health.

Let's dive into a concrete example. Imagine harnessing the power of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) techniques alongside therapeutic-grade essential oils and the soothing resonance of alchemy crystal sound bowls. This combination is like a dynamic trio that collaborates to dissolve negativity, release pent-up emotions, and shatter limiting beliefs. By addressing these layers of healing on multiple levels simultaneously, you pave the way for a swifter recovery – a holistic transformation that touches your mind, body, and spirit.

So, essential oils aren't just bottles of scents; they're key allies in your journey to whole health. As you work with these natural tools, incorporating them into your daily life, you're tapping into a broader perspective on wellness. And through this process, you're not just changing your life – you're inspiring a ripple effect of positive change in others' lives too.

You mentioned being a proponent of sound healing. How do you incorporate sound healing practices into your coaching and what benefits have you observed in your clients?

Let's break down some intriguing methods that are part of my current focus – techniques that I find truly transformative:

Alchemy Crystal Sound Bowls (Sound Medicine): Sound Healing may sound like a mystical practice, but it's firmly rooted in both ancient traditions and cutting-edge science. Imagine it as a journey that began thousands of years ago and was rediscovered in the 1930s when scientists started exploring ultrasound's medical potential. Today, we call it Sound Medicine, a discipline deeply connected to Quantum Physics, and it holds the key to understanding how sound can heal.

At the core of Sound Healing is the concept of resonance. Everything, including our bodies, vibrates at a unique frequency. When stress, anxiety, or negative emotions enter our lives, they disrupt this natural harmony, leading to imbalances and even illness. Sound Healing steps in to create an environment where your body can restore these imbalances to their natural resonant frequency.

Here's where the science comes in. Every cell in your body vibrates at a specific frequency, and these vibrations are crucial for your physical and emotional well-being. Disruptions to this natural resonance can throw your health off balance. Sound Healing taps into the principles of Quantum Physics and the latest findings in neurobiology and energy medicine. It introduces specific frequencies through sound waves to help your body return to its natural vibratory state.

Now, let's talk about a fascinating field called psychoneuroimmunology. It explores the powerful connection between your thoughts, emotions, and immune system. Research tells us that when we're in what's known as 'Alpha states,' our immune system gets a significant boost. Alpha and Theta brainwaves, which enhance learning and relaxation, play a key role here.

Sound Medicine, backed by scientific research and measured using techniques like EEG (electroencephalography), leverages sound frequencies to interact with your brainwaves. This interaction induces specific states of consciousness. Alpha brainwaves, linked to relaxed wakefulness, do wonders for your creativity, stress reduction, and learning enhancement. They create a state of focused flow, perfect for boosting productivity.

On the other hand, Theta/Delta brainwaves, commonly observed during deep sleep or meditation, are vital for physical healing, regeneration, and overall well-being. Sound Medicine precisely targets and optimizes these brainwave states, leading to improved mental clarity, reduced stress levels, and profound physical rejuvenation, all backed by extensive scientific research.

So, how does it work? Sound is energy, and it manifests through vibrations. These vibrations realign your brain waves, bringing your cellular vibratory frequencies back into harmony. This process not only activates your parasympathetic nervous system, promoting deep relaxation and reducing stress and anxiety, but it also supports restorative sleep and enhances your overall well-being.

In essence, Sound Healing is where ancient wisdom meets modern science. It offers a transformative path to well-being that's grounded in both tradition and scientific understanding. It's a journey worth exploring to unlock the potential for healing and balance within yourself.

Patricia's Crystal Quartz Bowls are crafted from the world's purest quartz crystal, boasting an astonishing 99.992% clarity. These bowls feature an incredibly robust crystalline structure, guaranteeing that when you engage with the frequencies they emit, you'll encounter unparalleled clarity, purity, and a harmonious fusion of tones that are undeniably exquisite. It's important to note that not all sound bowls are created equal, a topic worth exploring further.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Techniques: Think of this as working on our thought patterns and beliefs. NLP digs deep, accessing both the conscious and the not-so-conscious parts of our minds. The idea here is to spot those negative thought habits and beliefs that hold us back and replace them with positive ones. How? Through techniques like looking at things from a different angle, creating strong mental images, and associating positive emotions with specific things. This way, we rewire our brains to see things in a new light and feel better overall. It's like giving our minds a bit of a makeover.

Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils: Now, this one's about tapping into our sense of smell to affect how we feel. When we inhale or put certain essential oils on our skin, it can actually mess with our emotions in a good way. Our brain's emotion and memory center (the limbic system) gets a workout. These oils can help us let go of emotional blocks and even things out when we're feeling all over the place. Plus, they can be like little reminders during NLP sessions to feel a certain way.

Hypnotherapy: Here's where things get deep. Think of hypnotherapy as a super-focused conversation with your subconscious. In this state, you're extra open to suggestions. A hypnotherapist guides you through this, helping you uncover stuff you might not even know is affecting you. This can be heavy things from your past or deep-seated beliefs that limit you. It's a bit like cleaning out a closet – you're getting rid of all the stuff that's just taking up space and making things messy.

These methods aren't just separate tools; they can actually work together like a team. They help us look at the big picture, dig deep into our minds, and even get our energies in line. It's all about uncovering the things that hold us back, making positive changes, and feeling way better in the process.

Empowering women from all walks of life is a significant aspect of your work. How do you ensure that your wellness coaching is inclusive and tailored to the diverse needs of your global network?

“Be curious, not judgemental” has been my guiding principle. My nature leans towards curiosity, and I approach people and situations with an open and inquiring mindset. The beauty lies in our differences, and I strive to understand and accept them, fostering an environment where honest ideas flow freely, even if it's a bit uncomfortable. Radical honesty is a cornerstone for keeping our lines of communication clear.

Nowadays, I find myself in a place where voicing my thoughts doesn't scare me – especially when it comes to empowering women to raise their voices. Unraveling complex issues calls for a touch of humility and empathy. Authenticity forms the foundation where true healing can flourish.

As Asian women, we were often taught to remain silent, keeping our accomplishments to ourselves. Role models who encouraged us to speak our truth were hard to come by. It's possible to assert ourselves without being forceful. And let's not underestimate the power of even our tiniest ideas. Just like a mighty oak starts as a tiny acorn, your journey toward accomplishment begins with that first step.

Mindfulness and conscious living play essential roles in promoting overall well-being. How do you integrate these practices into your own life, and how do you encourage your clients to adopt mindful and conscious approaches to daily living?

Each morning, I embark on a ritual that anchors my day and mindset. I begin with the "Good Day Protocol" essential oil blends, which infuse a sense of grounding. Pairing this with a session involving Alchemy Crystal Bowls centers me, making sure I start on the right foot. Jotting down a few purposeful words serves as a reminder that I aspire to touch someone's life positively. These practices aren't just routines; they shape my focus, provide a sense of calm, and shape my approach to the day. This heightened readiness to tackle any curveballs empowers me to serve others through my actions, words, and attitudes.

Awareness extends to what I allow into my body and onto my skin – opting for a low-toxic lifestyle. Our choices have ripples beyond ourselves; they impact the environment and those around us. The chemicals we use – are they protecting or harming the world we share?

Embracing mindfulness has opened me up to the essence of being truly human, and humane. On the other hand, mindlessness limits us and stifles our experience of life. Today, the responsibility to lead the path of healing and transformation rests with us.

Within The PG Collective, we recognize the power of choice. Our array of modalities caters to well-being and harmony – both for ourselves and our environment. Advancements like Zoom have broadened our reach, allowing us to share knowledge on cultivating a mindful, holistic way of living. It's a community where you can access expertise, experiences, and a global network to navigate mindfulness.

Our invitation stands for those intrigued by the notion of a sustainable business built on safe, natural, plant-based solutions while protecting the environment. The way we carry ourselves holds the compass to the world's trajectory – we are intrinsically intertwined with it. Our participation, awareness, and mindfulness shape not only our own experiences but also the world we coexist. This is the profound work of awareness that drives change.


Patricia Gwee

Patricia Gwee is a remarkable individual who wears multiple hats with grace and determination. She is not only a devoted mother of two beautiful children but also a self-employed wellness coach. Patricia's journey extends far beyond the realm of parenthood, as she has dedicated herself to the holistic approach of healing – not only for herself and her family but also for her circle of friends and beyond.

Patricia is renowned for her unwavering spirit and her role as a fearless role model who openly shares her life's challenges, utilizing her wisdom and experiences to uplift and empower women on their unique journeys. She passionately advocates for healthy and sustainable practices, making a significant impact in a time when women are asserting their influence to nurture themselves, their families, and the planet. She warmly welcomes those intrigued by the concept of establishing a sustainable business founded on safe, natural, plant-based solutions that prioritize environmental preservation.


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