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Meet the Founders of OANINA

Tina and Oanh celebrating Oanh's Shop Opening
Tina & Oanh. Photograph by

Greetings and welcome to our mindful living blog OANINA, where we explore the practice of mindfulness and share our experiences with like-minded individuals. Our primary goal is to inspire others to live with intention, cultivate self-awareness, and promote eco-friendliness and sustainability.

Through our journey of mindfulness, we believe that we can make small changes in our daily lives that can positively impact ourselves and the environment. Our focus is on cultivating a mindful and conscious lifestyle that promotes self-reflection, empathy, and kindness towards ourselves, others, and the planet.

So, let's join hands and embark on this journey together towards a better future through the practice of mindfulness. We invite you to share your insights and experiences as we learn and grow together.

We share. We unite. We care!

Oahn Profile Picture

Introducing Oanh, also known as @OanhwithArt on popular social media platforms such as Instagram and YouTube. Oanh embodies being "One with Art," as she has a passion for drawing and creating crafts. As a dedicated mother of two with a six-year age gap, Oanh knows firsthand the challenges of balancing work and family responsibilities while navigating societal expectations and cultural values. These experiences have inspired her to create a blog where she shares her personal journey and offers support to women going through similar struggles. Her ultimate goal is to set a positive example for her children and leave a legacy of guidance and support for others.

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Meet Tina, a multifaceted entrepreneur and single mother passionate about cooking, art, and sustainable fashion. Widely known as @NomByIna on social media, Tina has built a loyal following on her food blog,, where she shares her culinary creations and inspires others to explore their cooking passions. Tina's love for sustainable fashion has been a lifelong passion, inspired by her family's artistic background and appreciation for quality craftsmanship. As a busy mother and entrepreneur, Tina understands the importance of balancing family and work responsibilities. She uses the platform to inspire and empower individuals who have faced adversity to overcome their challenges and achieve their goals.

OANINA Company Logo

Oanh + Tina = OANINA was born out of the shared passion for mindful living by two women who met at a weekly event called Whiskey Wednesday, co-founded by Oanh. Despite knowing each other from the startup community, it wasn't until they shared their personal goals that they realized they had a common vision. This led them to create a blog where they could share their love for fashion, lifestyle, and sustainable living, as well as personal growth.

Our blog is more than just a showcase of our experiences as mothers and sustainable lifestyle enthusiasts; it's a space where we promote mindfulness for everyone. Our mission is to inspire others to adopt a mindful approach to parenting, lifestyle, self-care, and personal growth. Through our journey, we aim to empower families and individuals to join us in creating a more conscious and compassionate world for ourselves and future generations.

Thank you for joining us on this journey towards a mindful and conscious lifestyle. We are excited to share more content that inspires and motivates you to live mindfully. Stay tuned for more exciting updates and insights!


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