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Motherhood's Eternal Love

"A mother's love is peace. It need not be acquired, it need not be deserved." - Erich Fromm

On this special day, we offer our heartfelt salutations to all the mothers out there, who selflessly devote their lives to nurturing and raising their children with love and care. In honor of your immeasurable contribution to humanity, we present to you a carefully crafted ode, a tribute to the purest form of love that only a mother can bestow.

A mother's love is unparalleled,

Pure and selfless, a love that's held.

With every breath, she gives her all,

Her child's joy, her lifelong call.

Hand-drawn with Ink on Paper. My Mother's Love. By Oanh with Art

From the moment of conception,

She carries them with care and affection.

Her body changes, but her love grows,

A precious life within her, she knows.

She feels their kicks and hiccups too,

A bond so strong, nothing else will do.

The day arrives, she gives birth,

A love so intense, it fills the earth.

She holds them close, her heart now full,

A tiny being, so precious and beautiful.

Her love knows no bounds, no limit,

She'll protect and cherish, every minute.

Days turn into years, they grow up fast,

But a mother's love will forever last.

She'll wipe away their tears, calm their fears,

A safe haven, through all the years.

So cherish your mother, for she's a gift,

Her love and sacrifice, too great to sift.

A mother's love, forever true,

And to all the mothers out there, we thank you.


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