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Discover the Transformative Power of Holistic Healing with Eugene Chow at Radiant Flow

"Let go of the past. Worry less about the future. Live intensely in the moment and be grateful for what life gives you." - Eugene Chow

Meet Eugene Chow, a truly remarkable and friendly healer who wears multiple hats in the realm of holistic well-being. As a Hypnotherapist, Regression Therapist, Reiki Master, EFT Tapping practitioner, and Nutrition Consultant, he possesses a diverse skill set that allows him to delve deep into the minds and souls of his clients. At his practice, Radiant Flow in Singapore, Eugene is passionate about helping individuals overcome various challenges and transform their lives using a powerful blend of healing modalities. His personal journey into the world of healing, sparked by his own experiences with physical and mental ailments, gives him a genuine understanding of the struggles people face, and he exudes empathy and warmth in his approach to healing.

Eugene deserves to be Spotlighted for his incredible healing abilities and genuine compassion. When I first sought his guidance, I was burdened by persistent negative thoughts rooted in unresolved inner child traumas. But under Eugene's skillful expertise as a Hypnotherapist and Regression Therapist, he expertly uncovered the root causes and led me on a journey of releasing emotional baggage, resulting in transformative change. What truly sets Eugene apart is his caring and nurturing demeanor, which creates a safe and welcoming space for the healing process. With his gentle guidance, I found the courage to confront and overcome past traumas, liberating myself from self-doubt and negativity. Eugene's multifaceted approach, combined with his genuine empathy, has been like a guiding light illuminating my path to healing and self-discovery. I am forever grateful for the positive impact he has made in my life, and I highly recommend him to anyone seeking profound healing and personal growth.

What personal experiences or transformations led you to become a
Hypnotherapist, Regression Therapist, Reiki Master, EFT Tapping practitioner,
and Nutrition Consultant, and how did they inspire your desire to help others
through this modality?

Just five years ago, my interest in healing was limited to finding a cure for my own ailments.

The thought of becoming a therapist hadn't even crossed my mind. Life, however, has a way of taking us on unexpected journeys, doesn't it? I found myself grappling with a multitude of physical and mental illnesses that plagued my daily existence.

The most distressing of these were the early signs of dementia, with forgetfulness, confusion, and psychomotor issues becoming all too familiar at the young age of 23. My health had spiraled out of control to the point where I had to make a difficult choice: prioritise healing, my family, or my career. The decision was clear.

In 2020, I made the courageous decision to take a leave of absence and devote myself

entirely to my healing journey. Little did I realise it then, but this turned out to be the best

decision I ever made for my well-being.

As I experienced a rapid recovery, my purpose in life began to surface in my thoughts.

Should I continue my career in fixing computers, or should I channel my energy into helping

others fix themselves? The answer was clear, but it meant giving up a lucrative profession,

abandoning a lifelong passion, and disregarding years of education. Moreover, I had two

young mouths to feed! Fear overwhelmed me, and my resolve teetered on the brink of

surrender before I even started.

Fortunately, with the unwavering support of my wife, I found the courage to take the leap

into the unknown. I kept faith that as I walked the path of a therapist, the answers would

reveal themselves along the way. And, through what felt like divine intervention, the

answers presented themselves at every step of my journey.

What inspired me to become a therapist was witnessing the suffering of others who battled

the very illnesses I had overcome: depression, anxiety attacks, physical pain, brain fog, tics,

and more. This deep empathy for their plight ignited a desire within me to change the

world, one person at a time.

The fulfilment I experience from helping others overcome their struggles is indescribable.

The heartfelt testimonials from my clients touch my soul, as I see first-hand how my work

has transformed their lives for the better.

Can you explain the benefits of combining hypnotherapy, regression
therapy, Reiki, EFT Tapping, and nutrition consultation in a holistic treatment
plan? How do these modalities complement each other?

The techniques I practice today in holistic treatment are the very ones that saved my life.

Throughout my healing journey, I encountered numerous setbacks and moments of

regression, to the extent that I've lost count. Initially, I embarked on this path with a focus on nutrition back in 2006, only turning to unconventional healing modalities when I found myself desperate for solutions. Surprisingly, it was these alternative approaches that ultimately led me to a full recovery.

Over the course of a challenging 17-year journey, I gained invaluable insights and wisdom.

One of the most significant lessons I learned is the need for different techniques to address

different problems. To tackle mental challenges, I employed Hypnotherapy and EFT Tapping.

For issues related to the energy body, I found solace in Reiki. And lastly, I discovered the

healing power of nutrition in addressing physical ailments.

Through my own experiences, I firmly believe that a holistic treatment plan is absolutely

vital for achieving comprehensive healing.

How does hypnotherapy and regression therapy harness the power of the
subconscious mind to bring about sustainable change?

Hypnotherapy harnesses the power of hypnosis to facilitate positive transformations in an

individual's thoughts, emotions, and ultimately their behavior. Hypnosis induces a state of

deep meditation and relaxation, commonly referred to as a trance. In this altered state of

awareness, the hypnotherapist can bypass the critical mind, also known as the conscious

mind, and directly engage with the subconscious mind to address the underlying cause of

the client's challenges.

Hypnotherapy is essentially a combination of two key elements: hypnosis and therapy. The

therapist initiates the session by guiding the individual into a state of hypnosis. Once the

client is in this state, various therapeutic techniques can be employed, one of which is

Regression Therapy. Exploring the past becomes crucial as many problems find their origins

there, typically in childhood experiences.

By gaining insight into the root cause of the issue, mental clarity is achieved. Through

reliving past events, emotional clarity is attained. This dual process, integral to regression

therapy, effectively eliminates the source of the problem permanently. When conducted

correctly, there is no chance of symptom recurrence. Once the problem is resolved, it is

eradicated for good.

In what ways has being a therapist contributed to your own personal growth
and transformation, and how does this impact your work with clients?

Becoming a therapist has been an unexpected source of profound learning for me. My

clients have become invaluable teachers, imparting deep insights into life, particularly in the

realm of effective parenting. I frequently encounter common yet distressing issues, including parental physical and verbal abuse, controlling behavior, shaming, abandonment, condescension, and even classroom bullying.

Following therapy sessions, after my clients recount their harrowing experiences of

mistreatment during their formative years, I sometimes find myself returning home to hug

my children tightly, feeling how precious they are to me. Treating individuals has undeniably

enriched my skills as a parent, as I am determined to ensure my child does not endure

similar hardships.

Hearing my client's narratives serves as a humbling reminder, revealing the profound

adversity they have endured in comparison to my own life. Moreover, it equips me with a

heightened sense of compassion and empathy towards future clients, enabling me to better

grasp their circumstances and provide more effective support.

How do you help individuals cultivate mindfulness and presence in their
daily lives through hypnotherapy and/or regression therapy? Or How does
hypnotherapy and/or regression therapy help individuals in developing a
deeper connection with their intuition and inner wisdom?

As we progress through life, it is inevitable that we accumulate an increasing amount of

mental and emotional baggage. Our fast-paced lifestyles often prevent us from fully

digesting the events and associated emotions we experience.

Our subconscious mind serves as the repository for long-term memories, emotions, and

belief systems. The baggage we carry becomes lodged within it, much like shrapnel from a

bomb blast. Until we effectively address and process this negative baggage, it will persistently fester and burden us.

Mindfulness entails living in the present and being fully aware. However, when the powerful

subconscious mind continuously reminds us of past trauma, such as feelings of loneliness,

inadequacy, and depression, how can we truly be present and in the moment?

This is where hypnotherapy comes into play. The root cause of your challenges resides deep

within your subconscious mind. Hypnosis grants access to this realm, allowing for profound

healing that reaches beyond superficial levels. Once in a state of hypnosis, the therapist

guides you through regression techniques, leading to a past event that explains your current


Reliving the past presents you, the client, with an opportunity to finally release the burdens

that have haunted you, bringing about a cathartic experience. Many clients report feeling an

immense sense of lightness and freedom after experiencing a deep emotional release

during the session, as if a heavy load has been lifted from their chest and shoulders.

As you gradually shed more and more of this baggage, your mind no longer dwells on the

past, enabling you to naturally embrace the present and live mindfully.

Mindfulness has always been an intrinsic part of your DNA. Once the debris is cleared away,

its innate brilliance will have the chance to shine through. You need not search for it; it will

emerge organically.


Eugene Chow is a remarkable and friendly healer, guide, and founder of Radiant Flow, a holistic well-being practice in Singapore. As a Hypnotherapist, Regression Therapist, Reiki Master, EFT Tapping practitioner, and Nutrition Consultant, he possesses a diverse skill set that allows him to delve deep into the minds and souls of his clients, helping them overcome challenges and transform their lives through a powerful combination of healing modalities. Eugene's personal journey through health challenges and miraculous healing experiences inspired him to share his knowledge with the world, guiding others towards reclaiming their wholeness and vitality. With genuine compassion and empathy, Eugene creates a safe and welcoming space for healing, making him a beacon of light on the path to self-discovery and well-being.

Beyond his work in healing, his background in the corporate world as a Corporate Trainer and in the tech industry, along with his experience as a former Section Commander in the Singapore Armed Forces Commando Battalion, have shaped his empathetic approach to guiding others. This unique blend of experiences allows Eugene to connect deeply with his clients and provide a holistic and compassionate approach to healing and transformation.


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